Guaranteed Yes: Choosing the perfect engagement ring

Diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend. Used to. The days of asking a woman to marry you with some huge expensive soulless rock are definitely over dear readers. At this day and age, I think it´s just completely demode to base your engagement ring choice on an old status symbol. Hell, you shouldn’t even wait to be asked. Go ask if he wants to get married, just choose the rings yourself :)

A ring nursing a martini.

A ring nursing a martini.

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Slimming shoes are here to stay

shoesI think we all hold an opinion of them and those are incredibly varied among the people I have talked to. Since entering the market there has been no escape, aggressive advertisements thrust celebrity bums and toning shoe brands right down our throats. Or you know, maybe I‘m being a tad dramatic – its not like other consumer goods are promoted via low key advertising.

I have a confession to make or should I say statement to make: I do not own a pair, I have not tried on a pair and I have no immediate plans of changing / rectifying that situation. But as I keep seeing new brands emerge and more people wearing them in the streets, I can only assume that this all happens for a reason. So the following is just an introduction to brands that I‘ve come across who have products in this newly invented category. Some you’ll know, some maybe not. [Read more...]

How small improvements can make a big difference – or could shoe insoles solve your fashion problems?

This is a fashion blog, but I want to start today’s post by talking briefly about cycling. I recently came back from a trip to the UK, and over there everybody is raving about their cycling team. I won’t go into too many specifics about why their raving, but some cyclists over there have become fashion icons doing big photo shoots for hot magazines, and I always think that when something hits the fashion pages it shows that it’s a hot topic!

Anyway, the man thats being taking credit for Britains cycling success is called Dave Brailsford, I’m not going to spend too long writing about him (this is a fashion blog after all!), but one of his ideas caught my eye. The idea is that of making small improvements, specifically, Brailsford attributes a lot of his cycling teams success to making tiny improvements to how people prepare. As an example, his teams might take their mattresses with them from hotel to hotel meaning that the cyclists are able to get a slightly better nights rest. You might not think that this would make a huge improvement on its own, but the point is as these small improvements begin to stack up then a major improvement is made.

The reason why I’m writing about all this today is due to a conversation I was having with a friend just last night. My friend had been struggling with an outfit she was putting together for some time, but just could not get the look she was after right. My friend had been considering some pretty major changes, new hair, further new clothes, apparently she’d even considered wearing a corset! But in the end my friend made one small minor change and everything fell into place.

What was the change?

The change my friend made was shoe insoles (specifically she used a pair of walkfit platinum orthotics that she bought after reading a review on the healthier and happier website). A pair of shoe insoles might seem unlikely candidates for fashion saviours but according to my friend wearing the insoles meant she was able to keep a pair of shoes that she absolutely loved in her outfit and also improved her stance and posture giving clothes that hadn’t looked quite right before a startlingly brilliant look. So what minor fashion changes could you make that might all the difference? Here are a few suggestions -

  • New accesories – People sometimes overlook accessories but it’s surprising the difference that the perfect watch or necklace can make to an outfit. My top tip for finding accessories is to ask around, a friend may have something that will make your new outfit complete.
  • Getting enough sleep – This one might seem a bit left field, but it’s genuinely surprising what a good nights sleep can do for you fashion wise. So If you just can’t seem to get your new look right, leave it until the morning. The extra rest will make you less self critical and also recharge your thinking batteries so you’re able to come up with all manner of creative new answers to your fashion dilemmas.

Gift ideas for Your Motorcycle Loving Husband

Being the wife of a biker is very interesting to say the least. Having your husband out on his motorcycle all of the time can make me very anxious and worried about his safety. However at the end of the day, it’s what he loves to do, so as his wife it’s important to come to terms with it. I have no control over how safe he is when he’s out riding, however I can make sure he has the proper equipment to keep him as safe as possible when out on the road. This is why I have come up with some great gift ideas for your motorcycle loving husband that he will help keep him safe.

Equipment is obviously a top priority when biking. Having a good quality leather jacket is not only for looks but also for safety. Although you do need to know his size and taste in order to get one he’d like. Harley Davidson is one of the most popular brands; however they can be pretty expensive. Other ideas that fall under the jacket category are rain suits and thermo suits. These are much less expensive than a leather jacket but just as useful. Riding a motorcycle in the rain is tough enough, so having a rain suit makes it that much better. The same goes for riding in cold weather, having a thermo suit definitely comes in handy for this.

The most important piece of equipment that you could get him is a helmet. This can be a tricky one though because you must know his head shape and size in order to buy him one. There are also many different types and styles of motorcycle helmets out there, meaning a large price range. So if you have a good feel for what he would like, his head shape and size, then this would be a great gift idea. Make sure you do your research in order to find the best motorcycle helmet for him. There are many helmet reviews you can use to help you out.

After equipment, there are many little things you could buy that come in handy when out on the road. A portable battery charger can be very helpful in case the bike battery ever dies and it is also fairly inexpensive. Other cheaper gifts you could buy are first aid kits, tool kits, and a portable air pump. These things may be small and not overly exciting; however they can be life savers in emergencies.

Now if you he already has these things or you are looking for something that’s a little more exciting, then you could consider some fun little accessories for his bike. These can range from cheap to expensive. A cheaper accessory could be a tinted tail light or a chrome license plate holder. Men love these types of small add ons for their bikes.
A more expensive item that you could get is a GPS. These are very useful especially on bikes where you can’t use your hands for things like a phone or a map. Mounting a hands free GPS on the bike is very handy (pardon the pun).
Another more interesting gadget is a go pro camera. This is a small, virtually indestructible camera that you can stick on your helmet or anywhere you want and film awesome footage. This however is a little pricier, but is something your husband is sure to love.

So I hope this has helped you a bit in your search for a gift idea for your motorcycle loving husband. We may not be huge supporters of them riding around everyone on their bike, but at least we can help them be a little safer.

Tips for Finding Fashionable and Comfortable Shoes for Registered Nurses

If you are an RN who is looking for tips about finding fashionable and comfortable shoes, you are in the right place. A lot of shoes for registered nurses are not stylish, but if you check online, you will be able to find some great pairs that are not only comfortable but stylish as well.

I am a nurse and I love my job, but I also love fashion, so I know it is not always easy to combine these two, but I have managed to look good while taking care of my patients. I must say that there are days where I am so tired because all of the work that I have to do. Between lifting patients and bending and being there for the family members, it does take a toll on me. I think if I weren’t passionate about what I do, I think that there is no way I would have lasted as long as I have, which is 10 years now

Back to the topic, I have noticed that when I feel a little down because of all the pressure at my job. I usually go and freshen up myself and that makes a big difference and the fact that I wear comfortable shoes help me a great deal as well.

There are different types of shoes that are great for standing all day, but knowing which one to wear and not not to wear is the question that you should ask yourself. Fortunately for you, I am going to do my best to answer the question

As a stylish RN, I love wearing lace-up shoes. I like these shoes because they are nice looking for the most part and they prevent my feet from sliding. Because your feet don’t move unnecessarily, these shoes help to prevent injuries.

As a nurse, you should not wear low heeled shoes. I used to think that wearing these shoes would be fine for standing all day since they are flat and a lot of times, you can find stylish ones, but I was wrong. I think that I only tried that once, but my feet and my back hurt so bad that I made the decision to never wear these types of shoes at work again.

A good arch support shoes will do wonders for you, as a nurse. I know that some of these shoes aren’t stylish, but you can find some that come in different colors and styles. I think that it is not too hard to find something that will suit your sense of style. I like style, but I will forgo style for comfort if I have to, but fortunately, I am able to find cute pairs of comfortable shoes for nurses that do the trick for me.

There are certain sneakers that can be worn as well, which are elegant and comfortable. I like the Reebok sneakers. I think the thing with the sneakers is that you have to make sure that they support well your feet. Other tips that I want to share is that you can wear cushioned insoles and support hose and/or socks. They seem to help as well.

Never Give up on Looking Good – no matter what your size

Never Say Never

I’ve just been talking to a girlfriend of mine who’s beautiful, lovely, amazing and looks great – and she was in tears. Despite everything that makes her wonderful, she’s too ashamed to put on a club dress which she’s just bought. Trouble is, she was sold something that was never going to be appropriate, and then she turns to magazines where it’s all about slim.

My friend isn’t alone – I’m also in that camp.

All to often, we are pressed against the standards of beauty that continuously reshape what people consider attractive in our society. Eighty years ago this was a voluptuous woman with curves. For the past few decades, it has been thin and petite to the point of concern. While the pressing need for women to become smaller and smaller to have self worth through their looks is worrying, it does not mean for a moment that we have to adhere to those standards.

Instead, it requires that we be bold, forthright and clear that our inherent worth has nothing to do with how we look. Instead, we must work to feel confident despite what other people may say, only because their opinions are ignorant. To that end, lets take a step in the right direction, and look at buying plus size clubs dresses and evening wear.

Lets look at ways to look slimmer (if we want to) as well as the confidence behind rocking any look.

The Secrets of the Trade

It is no secret that particular cuts and colors can attract or take away from plus size club dresses. Knowing a few of these tricks will help you find the perfect plus size party dresses. The most basic rule of thumb is that dark colors will hide, while light colors attract the eye. Now, you may want to dress in all black, but that is neither fashionable (usually) or attractive (usually.) Also, try adding color to parts of your body that you want to highlight. A red belt over the waist of a black dress is just one example of creating a slimmer form. Check out this guide – they know what they’re talking about when it comes to plus size club dresses.

Focus on having a dress with small patterns. Small patterns have the ability to make things look smaller, while big patterns have the opposite effects. Also, try accessorizing. The beauty of a good accessory is blind to how much you weigh. As a final note, never try horizontal striped dresses. Where as vertical and diagonal can be slimming, horizontal usually does not work out.

Striving For Confidence

Even the best plus size party dresses can be ruined by a lack of confidence, or be made by your glowing presence. Remember when you go out that you are the reason why you are leaving the house, and no one’s opinion matters, save your own. Ignore other people if they are insulting. More to the point, ignore that insulting voice inside your own head that tries to bring you down. You are worth going clubbing, and plus size club dresses are nothing to be ashamed of.

Never Give up Looking Good

So my simple message today is – never give up, and never let anyone push you into a look that just doesn’t work for you. And try not to read too many fashionista magazines. They’re not helping. Instead, there are plenty of sites that give good advice for plus size girls. There’s this new team of two that I mentioned above, and this more established site by my hero Gok Wan from the UK.


Longboarding Fashion Statement

I have recently spotted a prominent fashion statement that is quite interesting and has mostly gone unnoticed in the past: skateboarding and longboarding apparel. Riders of these communities have a unique sense of style, their own “swag” – as the younger generation would say.

As my experience as a fashion designer develops, I have come to realize that people will dress the way they do as a way to represent their personality and what they want people to think about them. Now, the skateboarding and longboarding community is unique because although the rider and the board predominantly coincide with the skill and style of the rider, having a strong fashion sense is what really catches nearby eyes. But, catching eyes isn’t always a good thing.

When most people see a person walking around with low-riding jeans, a baggy shirt, and a hat we tend to stereotype them into a no-good group of people. But that’s not always the case and it got me thinking; just because a person follows the same fashion sense as a certain group, it doesn’t necessarily mean they follow every aspect of that lifestyle. A man can dress up with tuxedos but still be counting his pennies at home. A woman can dress scrubby with sweat pants and a hair bun while being extremely successful and wealthy. A person can have a casual skater look but not actually be a rider.

I am a strong believer in the saying of “look good, feel good, play good.” It seems to prove true as I have noticed the longboard riders that dress to impress are also the ones that, in fact, impress. Now, I’m not implying that if riders dress with the best longboard brands of clothing that they will instantly get noticed by everyone, including Sector 9. No. I’m suggesting that when a person feels beautiful, handsome, or cool, they are instantly filled with a spectacular level of confidence. And we all know how powerful and motivating confidence can really be. Having this boost in confidence is going to result in you performing better in everything you do, but not just longboarding or skateboarding. I’m talking about job interviews, a date, even public speaking.

An act as simple as “dressing the part” is also a major help in accomplishing your goals. If a woman was to walk into a job interview dressed with sweat pants and a baggy shirt, do you think she would have an advantage in employer’s eyes? If a skateboarder was dressed in a tuxedo, do you think they would fit in? No. Being able to match your fashion sense with what you’re trying to show off is what truly has an impact on spectators. Longboard riders and skateboarders all have a similar fashion style because that’s just how they dress. It’s always worked for them and that’s why they have stuck with it and that is how people can point them out. No questions asked.

Nevertheless, I believe that the fashion style of longboarding and skateboard riders are unique to the modern world and is now part of their identity just like how what we wear is part of ours.

Tips for Finding the Right Shoes for Standing all day

If you have a job that requires you to stand for an extended period of time, you don’t need me to tell you how important it is to have the proper shoes so you won’t have varicose veins, back problems and more because you are not wearing the right shoes. I have decided to write a post on the matter in order to help anyone looking for information on how to find the right pair of shoes when you have to stand all day at work because as a nurse, I know what it feels like to have to stand on your feet all day at work. When I first started working as a nurse, I wish someone had given me some advice on how to choose the right pair of shoes for my line of work. I went through some trial and error before finding the types of shoes that were right for me.

Things to look out for when searching for the right shoes for standing all day is that you need to find a pair of shoes that is very comfortable. If you are like me, I am sure you want to look stylish, but I find that comfort is more important to me then being stylish when I have to be on my feet all day. I am not saying that you should not strive to look stylish and comfortable at the same time, but the point I am trying to make is that if you have to choose between comfort and style, go with comfort. Also, make sure you choose shoes that are the right size for you. Since you have to stand a long time, it is not a bad idea to choose a pair of shoes that is a little larger and/or bigger than what you are used to wearing.

Another thing to consider when you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for standing all day is the material. I like leather shoes because they are breathable and comfortable. My feet sweat, so it is imperative for me that my feet breathe and breathable leather shoes do a great job at helping me with this problem.

Next tip is the heels. Since you are not working in an office, you have to make sure that you use the proper heels, so they won’t cause you to have back pain at the end of a long working day. The heels should not be more than 2 ½ inches high. I am able to stand a long period of time with heels, but I choose not to wear them at my job where I have to stand 8 hours or more because I know that is unhealthy.

Another tip that I want to share with you is to add cushioning in your work shoes if they do not have enough padding as this will help a lot with comfort.

I hope these tips help you when it comes to finding the right shoes for your work where you have to be on feet all day. I find that wearing the right pair of shoes can make the difference between having a good day or a bad day at work.

How To Fashionably Integrate Earbuds Into Your Personal Style

It’s easier being a man when it comes to fashion. They can practically wear anything, since it’s a staple rule among guys that they shouldn’t look like they thought quite a great deal about fashion in the first place. A lot of trends, such as grunge, messy hair, torn jeans—they all originated from the desire of guys not to look like they actually made an effort to dress well.

It’s different for women, though. Ladies prefer to look good, and they care about color coordination and patterns and all the pretty accouterments that guys disdain. And that’s why it’s a bit of a headache for women to incorporate modern devices into a total look.

While some guys care enough about fashion to think headphones are cool, it’s different for women. With headphones, the hair can get mussed, and often a device that looks big on the head doesn’t really accentuate and improve a girl’s look.

Earbud Wires: Choosing the Right Color

Fortunately, there are some ways for women to privately enjoy music outdoors. Perhaps the most basic rule is to choose the right color of earbud wires. Like everything else, for women the total look takes everything into account and that includes earbud wires.

The wrong kind of wires can ruin a look completely, especially when it’s the wrong color and it’s all tangled up. So you may want to invest in some affordable earbuds in different colors, in order to have the right pair of earbuds no matter what you’re wearing. The comparison charts over at John Tiamat’s site can help you pick the right pair.

Earbud Designs: Knowing What’s Fashionable

You can actually pick up a fashionable pair of earbuds. You may not know this, but there are some earbuds which were designed for that purpose. So, what this means is that you don’t have to endure those bland designs that don’t do anything for your look. Your options may include:

The Frends Collection – These collections of earbuds, headphones, and larger headphones come in pristine white with gold accents or in deep black with silver accents. For the headphones, the headband part is thin and dainty, and the detail on the earbuds is exquisite. These really look nice, and they seem like the perfect pair to use even if you are wearing a formal gown.

The Vivienne Tam Butterfly Earbuds – Even earbuds can look fashionably elegant when you have a fine design of a beautiful butterfly on a pearl background. When this came out in 2010, it was priced at $200 and it sold like hotcakes.

Deka Bluetooth Headsets – Now you don’t even have to bother with wires at all. The look of Deka gives you a chance to wear a delicate flower on your ear instead of just an ugly piece of plastic.

Chicbuds – More affordable at just $40, these earbuds are accented with catchy Swarovski crystals, and the wires are retractable as well. You even have a choice between blue, green, or pink.

Quirky Collections – There are lots of other collections out there, and you can find earbuds that look like pencils or bullets. There’s even a pair of earbuds that look like earlobes! But fashionable women wouldn’t want to wear those, right?

Accessorizing Your MP3 Player

But why stop with the earphone? If you really want to look good, you may as well decorate and accessorize your mp3 player too. These can be protected by covers with funky designs and other interesting patterns so that you can get rid of the bland look of most mobile devices. In fact, you don’t ever have to look bland at all with all the options you have available!

Is LED the new black?

Recently I was browsing the internet to find a nice LED flashlight, when I realized that LED technology is a technology that we should embrace as part of fashion.
Light-emitting diode, or LED, is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. LED is used in such things as digital clocks, advertising signs, televisions, traffic lights, car lights and increasingly quality flashlights. As it is becoming such a big part of society, it is only natural that LED technology should start forming part of our fashion!

What is LED?

The formal definition for LED is: “A light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source that resembles a basic pn-junction diode, except that an LED also emits light.”
Basically, LEDs are just really small light bulbs that fit easily into an electrical circuit. However, unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs they don’t have a filament that will burn out and they do not get too hot. They are illuminated only by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material and they last just as long as a standard transistor. The lifespan of an LED is longer than the short life of an incandescent bulb by thousands of hours.

How to use LED in fashion

LED can be used in fashion designs to make clothes more fun and exciting, by reading out fun messages on an LED board or causing the clothes to “light up”; or you can used LED technology to make clothes more practical, for example as safety features on work clothing or sport clothing.

Making it fun

Katy Perry caught everyone’s eye and caused a wave of curiosity when she arrived at the Costume Institute Gala with a dress that used LED lights to create different colors.

Another innovative idea is the 8-bit Dynamic Life Shirt t-shirts that use LED lights to show your “life-force”. The LED lights would show a depleting life-force, which can only be rejuvenated by hugs!

If you want to step out and get noticed, then high-heel shoes with LED in the soles of the shoes will definitely light up the dance floor!

Bridal dress
A women used 300 LED light bulbs in wedding dress to turn a traditional wedding dress into a special dress that made her look like she was walking on stars when she walked down the aisle.

Designer Soomi Park uses LED technology as make-up in the form of eye-lashes. This gives a very futuristic look – ideal for fancy dress parties!

Challenges to using LED

While LED technology is a very exciting and new technology that gets the creative juices flowing, there are some challenges that you will need to think about if you want to use it in your designs.
The main issue you will need to think about is power. LED light bulbs need a power supply that will last long enough for what your design is intended for. Fortunately LED light bulbs do not require as much battery power as incandescent light bulbs do, so you should be able to power your LED lights using a small and unobtrusive battery pack.

The other aspect that you might find challenging is safety concerns. While LED is perfectly safe and will not cause harm, some people might be hesitant to wear it as part of their clothing out of fears of not knowing how it works or that it may cause them harm. As LED technology becomes more ubiquitous, these fears should quickly disappear.

The Many Differences Between A Wallet And a Purse

I remember I was dating a guy back in college and I wondered what I should buy him for his birthday. We had been dating for 9 months and it was semi-serious. Now he was a typical 19 year old living away from home the first time. He basically lived in his own filth, and he needed almost everything. I wasn’t short of ideas.
I could have given many things, money, clothes, even some decent food would have been appropriate. But in the end I decided on a wallet. I dont know about how other people feel but i think there is something about a man’s wallet.

Men treat their wallets poorly, they don’t really look after them at all. They carry their wallet around everywhere and they keep it until it can’t be used any more. In many cases the wallets just fall apart.
But although men treat their wallets basically the same, and you can get the same amount of use out of a $10 one as a $100 one, men like to have and buy nice ones.
This is what i don’t understand, is it about function, style, identity? With us women we tend to like brands, well made purses that are nice and clean. Men almost like the rugged look, which really just seems to mean dirty and not looked after.

The wallet I chose was quite simple. Black leather, no ID window and a compartment for the bills. I think there were 6 card slots, which made it seem so small to me, my latest wallet had 21! There was also no notable icon, brand or logo on the wallet. Anyone could have made it but I remember hearing from male friends about what they wanted in a wallet. They answered something along the lines of dependable, room for all my stuff, more dependable.

There are some noticeable differences between a wallet and a purse. Wallets typically being folded leather (although many new materials are being introduced these days), purses having more larger compartments and a clip at the top. Purses are also much larger. A woman is happy just to carry her purse around, where as a man would never carry theirs around, it always lives in their pocket.

Men have a completely different way of thinking about their wallet to women and their purse. If you were just to use the differences in purses and wallets you might think that women are the gathers and men are the hunters. Seeing that a woman’s purse can be a magnet for many different credit and store cards, receipts, and other womanly bits and pieces.

Although I typically look at womens fashion you can really tell a lot about the two genders just by how they carry their valuables. And since buying this wallet, I have bought a few wallets for men I have dated. And they all been basically the same. Should have bought them as a group discount, ‘semi serious boyfriend gifts.’ It seems men can always use a new wallet :)

P.S. In the case of my college boyfriend if you were wondering it didn’t last but ended ok. He’s married with 3 kids and lives in Cleveland now. I don’t know if he still has or uses the wallet.


Are You An Uptown Girl? What Are The Must Haves To Qualify

Must Have Accessories For City Women

The fashion world puts accessories at the same level with other clothing pieces. This is especially true for women. For women who live in the city, this statement carries more weight because they have to go out of the house more often and they want to do it in style. Accessories are what separate a bland look to what most people call amazing and fashionable. Today we take a look at jewelry, handbags, scarfs, eye wear and even Ladies bikes. These are a few of the essential accessories that a modern girl needs to bring out the real you.

A Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces are those classic but timeless accessories that never disappoint. The good part of this accessory is that you can wear it with practically any type of outfit. They can be great for last minute dates or a corporate dinner parties. To be on the safe side, you can have one in the handbag just in case you need it. Do not hesitate to spend a little more on a good necklace since you will be using it for a long time.

Leather Handbag

Handbags have become more of a necessity for women than they are a luxury. There are many small but essential things that women need to carry around and what better way to do it than in a classic leather handbag. In addition to complementing your outfit a neutral leather handbag will help hold your essentials from mirrors, toiletries, makeup kits, earrings, necklaces and any other things you might need in your daily life. A fashionable handbag will make you stand out and will work magic for your outfit especially if they match. Brown and black are the best colors for any woman’s wardrobe since they are natural and can match with just about any outfit.

Scarf – Neutral Color

In chilly weather, you will still need to look your best and a
scarf is your best shot. Scarves will help you keep the cold away and the warmth within without compromising on your appearance. The most important thing is to pay attention to color. Go for a neutral color scarf that will match with any type of outfit. The best colors are grey, black, beige and brown.


You will need a number of pairs in different colors and designs. When summer time comes, sunglasses are both fashionable and functional. In addition to giving you a stellar look, they will also protect your eyes from the harmful sunrays. Consider face shape and wardrobe when choosing the best sunglasses.

A Bicycle

Yes, a bicycle is an accessory that you will need as a city woman. Why? You may ask, well it’s simple, if you want to maintain great body shape, a good Ladies Bikes will do the trick. Instead of driving to work or school, you can simply ride a bike to exercise your body. You will also cut down on the transport cost and reduce your carbon footprints. You will have a wide range of option and you can choose a ladies bike that best suits your style and needs.

Your home as an accessory

Because of the large amount of time you spend in it, your home is an extension of your personality and will usually speak volumes about who you are. From the basic design to the most intricate decoration, each room in your house is a clear representation of your likes and dislikes, and can even go so far as to let others know how you conduct yourself in other areas of your life. From the colors you select for your walls, to the way you distribute your furniture, your home can, and will, tell the world what you are all about. Because of this, in essence, your home becomes an accessory to your lifestyle which can be used to your advantage.

Imagine yourself sitting down to dinner with a prospective client, one of those who is hard to impress, you are dressed impeccably and have chosen the wine with care. As you sit down to enjoy a perfectly cooked meal, the glimmer of light shining from delicate crystal candelabra provides your meeting with an ambiance only the crystal lighting only the most select restaurants can provide. This relaxed yet elegant setting is the perfect accessory to your business personality and because of the way it envelops and permeates your meeting, it can only help you close what can be the deal of a lifetime.

On the other hand, there are times when relaxation and romance take precedence over anything else, and you can maximize those feelings by indulging in a very feminine canopy bed frame accompanied by the mystery of indirect lighting to strategically set the bedtime mood for love. It is at times such as these that the importance of the décor you choose stands out, and it is the main reason why using your home as an accessory to your personal style is an asset to your overall look and personality.

When you finally take the step into using your home as an extension of all facets of your lifestyle, you must come to realize that it is an accessory similar to those you match with your wardrobe every day. It can make you stand out in a crowd in the same manner as a gorgeous silk scarf can, or it can make you look gaudy and overdressed. To find the perfect balance, the first thing to keep in mind is its current state of disarray. Is your house standing on its head with books taking up every chair and table? If so, investing in a wall to wall bookcase will give your living room a touch of conservative elegance and project the image of a studious professional.

In some cases, we tend to collect knickknacks and with time they will start cluttering your coffee tables, china cabinets and mantels, collecting dust and unsightly grime. While to you they may represent wonderful memories, to the casual observer they scream about a disorganized personality, so go through them, pick out a few choice pieces, and put the rest in storage. If you have enough, you can switch them around several times a year to ensure your favorites are always on display, giving the appearance of a worldly collector to those you welcome in.

Regardless of your personal style, your home is as important as the shoes and handbags you pair with your clothing, so consider making a few arrangement that will show the world exactly what you are about.

Fantastic Organic Shampoo for Fine Hair

Thin hair and fine hair are interchangeable in some cosmetology circles. However, if we look at it we’ll know that the two are quite different in context.

But regardless of the differences, the same problems and treatment will apply either way. First of all, fine hair as a term can only be used to describe the diameter of the hair strand. This means you actually measure the diameter of a single hair strand on the head. On the other hand, thin hair as a term is all about hair per square inch of the head. So, in this context we are talking about how your hair populates your head.

What’s the reason for fine or thin hair?

For fine hair, the answer lies on genetics. Simply put, you are just born to have fine hair and that’s just the way it is. When you have thin hair, there can be a multitude of reasons aside from genetics. It can be due to hormonal imbalance, stress, bad diet, illness, and even advance age. 

What’s the problem with thin and fine hair?

The problem lies in a few areas.

  1. We’d love to have a thicker and fuller looking hair
  2. We want to avoid baldness no matter what

The problem with fine and thin hair is that it can look oily, limp, and lifeless. It is hard to style without it looking sparse. For some people, it is becoming glaringly obvious you are going bald, or at least, headed there. If we have a choice, we want to have a thicker and fuller looking hair. 

The Mental and Emotional Effects of Thinning Hair

Hair loss can be devastating whether you are male or female. But it has even more of a huge impact for women. Women associate the hair as their crowning glory. For them the hair represents their sex appeal and beauty.  Thinning hair can be a big blow on a woman’s confidence. She no longer feels she is attractive. Without the usual confidence, she will start to have low self-esteem, that could force her to introversion and subconscious feelings of envy and jealousy towards others. 

The social aspect can be just as crippling when people, in or around your social circle, decide to viciously tease you for your baldness. 

How Fine Hair Gets Damaged

Fine or thin hair can be damaged much faster than regular, balanced hair. In fact, the mere act of overloading on hair products can damage fine hair. For example, using excessive styling products can definitely do some damage. Heated tools like blow dryer and hair iron should be set on low temperatures in order to prevent damage.

One of the best methods is to use the best natural shampoos to help protect your hair. No product can stop hair from falling out, but using the top organic shampoos can help to reduce the amount of hair falling out.

How to Treat Fine and Thinning Hair

For fine hair:

  1. Use the awesome all natural shampoo so you can wash your hair everyday. Add to that a great conditioner and moisturizing shampoo in order to prevent itchy scalp and more hair loss.
  2.  Let your hair dry naturally. Don’t use flat irons or blowers because tools like these will only damage your fine hair even more.
  3.  A hair mask product is great to keep your hair strong and healthy. Just make sure you use a lightweight product so as not to bog down your hair.
  4.  Avoid excessive combing and brushing because this will damage your hair even more.

For thinning hair: 

  1. The tips for fine hair should also apply for thinning hair.
  2. Use volumizing shampoo in order to add more fullness to your hair.
  3. Massage your scalp regularly to facilitate blood flow and circulation.
  4. A colored spray or tinted makeup can mask your thinning hair.
  5. Taking vitamins should also help with your hair not just your body.  

Use these tips to protect your hair and to look glamorous.