Guaranteed Yes: Choosing the perfect engagement ring

Diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend. Used to. The days of asking a woman to marry you with some huge expensive soulless rock are definitely over dear readers. At this day and age, I think it´s just completely demode to base your engagement ring choice on an old status symbol. Hell, you shouldn’t even wait to be asked. Go ask if he wants to get married, just choose the rings yourself :)

A ring nursing a martini.

A ring nursing a martini.

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Slimming shoes are here to stay

shoesI think we all hold an opinion of them and those are incredibly varied among the people I have talked to. Since entering the market there has been no escape, aggressive advertisements thrust celebrity bums and toning shoe brands right down our throats. Or you know, maybe I‘m being a tad dramatic – its not like other consumer goods are promoted via low key advertising.

I have a confession to make or should I say statement to make: I do not own a pair, I have not tried on a pair and I have no immediate plans of changing / rectifying that situation. But as I keep seeing new brands emerge and more people wearing them in the streets, I can only assume that this all happens for a reason. So the following is just an introduction to brands that I‘ve come across who have products in this newly invented category. Some you’ll know, some maybe not. [Read more...]

‘Rebounder’ Exercise Leggings!

As I’m sure many of you are aware, when you reach a certain age (basically when you turn 30), it becomes even more important to take care of yourself physically. As I get older I actually enjoy doing exercise more. Even though it becomes tougher each year, it is one of the most mentally rewarding experiences I go through on a regular basis, and I love to try new and challenging things.

This year I decided to take up ‘rebounding’. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either until it came to my local sports club. Rebounding is jumping on a trampoline, to put it simply. Let me tell you though, a rebounding class is TOUGH! You use one of those mini exercise trampolines, jump to different beats, different heights, different intensities, add in some pushups, squats, a little choreographed routine and you are doing a step class x 10!

What I noticed though, was that as tough as a rebounding class is on the body, it’s just as tough on your clothes. I was wearing through my gym leggings at an alarming rate. I mean literally, holes in my pants!

These classes have you stretching in all sorts of directions and then returning to your starting position rapidly. You will essentially stretch out your clothes and return them to normal over one thousand times in a single class. Even very well made, durable clothing will require immense elasticity to fare well in these conditions. Add in a little sweat and some heat and you’ve got a recipe for shapeless leggings. Not cute.

Of course, being the resourceful woman that I am, I decided to put my skills to the test and develop a line of resilient ‘rebounder’ workout leggings, that add some flare to the mix too!

It’s no secret that I adore the feel and quality of Lululemon Athletic clothing, and so do many other women. Recently though, with the PR nightmare caused by CEO Chip’s slip of the tongue regarding women’s body shapes, I saw room to add my own line to the market.

Based on the classic Lulu sport legging, I designed a ‘rebounding appropriate’ legging for women of all shapes and sizes (as long as you promise to actually put them to good use!). These fun new leggings are an elastic mix of Rayon, Cotton and Spandex. Designed to be used under the most extreme conditions, these rebound leggings would be a great choice for gymnasts, dancers, and cross fit athletes, but are also versatile enough to be used for yoga, pilates, jogging and power walking too!

Tired of the same old black-on-black leggings that saturated the niche, I’ve put my own colorful spin on these bad boys. Each pair is asymmetrically fitted with a splash of colorful fabric from the hip down the left leg. For the first release, I chose to include blue, green, yellow and pink options, but I hope that future editions of the ‘rebounder’ will be available in many more colors for your selection!

As of now, these leggings are only available through my personal online store. Later this week I have a meeting with a buyer for a major department store, and I have a very good feeling about it! Of course I’ll keep you posted on this blog, but for now feel free to get a pair of your very own ‘Rebounder’ leggings, and feel how great these flashy sport leggings will make you feel!

Within and Beyond the Haut Monde

Over the span of my career as a fashion designer, I have had the opportunity to meet all kinds of socialites looking for the most stylish attire for their upcoming parties and social events. Most of my clientele comprises of wealthy housewives looking to kill their boredom with their card games and kitty parties. The reason I am a successful fashion designer today is because of this privileged class that lines up as my customers every day. This is why I remember the day when a client from a different clique made my acquaintance; my job suddenly became meaningful and I wanted to do absolutely anything to make a customer out of her.

The Ironies of Life:

It was a week before Christmas. I was pre-occupied with the trifling task of finding Hostgator discount codes for my new website that was supposed to go live the next month when a perplexed woman in mid-thirties rushed into my studio. As she started rummaging through my formal attire collection, I started observing her. She definitely looked different from the usual customers that walk into my store. I was trying hard to pinpoint what made her stand out when I noticed her looking at the price tags and wincing. I decided it was time to intervene and try to make her more comfortable at this posh boutique. I introduced myself and casually started a conversation to inquire what exactly it is that she was looking for. Initially, she started walking away while apologizing that she had come into the wrong store. When I urged her to stop and take a look around at least, in case she finds something of interest, she reluctantly stepped back into the store.

That gave me a window to win her trust. I asked her what we was looking for and she told me she needed a nice dress for a Christmas party in her office. She told me she was in a rush because her kids were waiting for her outside with their grandmother. When I looked in the direction she pointed, I could see a couple of charming toddlers playing with each other while they were strapped in a Schwinn double jogging stroller, and a tired-looking elderly lady standing near them. Almost instinctively, I asked her where their father was. As if expecting that question around every corner, she casually replied, “He left us” and moved on to the next rack.

Making an impact with my job:

Admiring her strength and taking in the appearance of her and her family standing outside, I figured she was a single mother from a middle-class background striving to make both ends meet and raise her kids the best she can. At that moment, I just knew I had to do something for her to acknowledge her efforts. The line of work I am in gives me the power to make a woman feel like she is the queen of the world. Hence, I told her I was just going to announce a flat Christmas sale and she was my first customer of the day. I helped her in finding the right dress, complimented her looks, found the right accessories to go with the dress and gave her a big discount on the whole purchase. She walked out of my store smiling ear to ear and went straight to kiss her kids and hug her mother, and I don’t remember having a more satisfying moment in my life.

The Orthaheel Tide Sandal Review

As soon as summer hits, I throw my closed-toe shoes in the closet and pull out sandals that I will wear up until the first snow (which I hope is far, far away). For many years, I wouldn’t invest a lot in flip-flops or sandals. I would just grab a pair that only cost a few bucks and if I forgot them at the pool or lost one in the backseat of my car, no big deal. Unfortunately, this probably is the reason for my back pain , a mild case of plantar fasciitis, and some chronic tendonitis. This is a major bummer when I am walking and have to take a break to relax, especially when I haven’t even hit 30 yet.

Well, last year I was talking to my doctor and they brought up a very valid point for me. They asked how often I wear my sandals, to which I replied a truthful, “every second of every summer day.” It was then that he asked me if I wear them so often, why wouldn’t I invest a bit more in a pair that is both more comfortable and more stable than the throwaway pairs I’ve been buying for years. Almost instantaneously, a light bulb went off and it made a lot of sense. I hate to say it, but I can’t believe I hadn’t thought this previously.

After doing a bit of research, I came across information for Filed Under: News

Why Some Styles Never Go Out of Fashion

There are some styles that will always be in fashion. We’re not talking about legwarmers or denim on denim – which always manage to rear their ugly heads at some point every decade – we are talking about things like flapper dresses, large sunglasses and petticoats.

Like I always tell my friends, never throw away an item that could come back into fashion within a few years – or will always be in fashion. For example, I have a stunning Mary-Anne dress in my wardrobe that looks just as good now as it would have back in the 1960s.

How will you know what to keep and what to throw away? Always opt for clean lines with a simple block colour or pattern. However, if you have an outfit you just can’t to say goodbye to, and believe that it might one day come back into style, keep it. You never know, you might be right – and you’ll feel like a fashionista if you’re proven right.

Here are some items you should most definitely keep in your wardrobe:
• Halter dress
• Blazer
• Straight denim jeans
• A line dress
• Pencil skirt
• Trench coat
• Little black dress

Look at the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. They are fashion icons because they understand how style works – and that means wearing simple colours with bold accessories to really bring an outfit together. It’s not about the latest patterns or newest styles off the catwalk – and that’s why their style is always on-trend.

Designers aren’t just inspired by what’s on the runway or previous styles; we look at architecture, art and everything in between. We want to be inspired. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the fashion capitals of the world are home to some of the planet’s finest architecture? It’s not.

In my opinion, and I know a lot of people will agree with me, you should never cover up architecture for practicality – even if you think it is out of fashion – because true beauty never goes out of style, and that’s the truth!

There is nothing more frustrating to a designer than someone covering up beauty with something utterly ordinary – it is like a stunning woman wearing a baggy t-shirt, just don’t do it! That is why I was so happy to learn that the temporary walls at Albion House had been removed by the new hotel 30 James Street, as it was hiding the wall’s original architecture. Now the general public can enter the Titanic themed hotel and witness all the beauty and glamour of the former White Star Line headquarters, which was designed by the magnificent architect Norman Shaw.

There are some styles that should be tampered with, and there are others that should be left well alone – it’s up to you to figure out which is which. All I can do is guide you.

My Crazy Experience Designing 12 Size 10 Shoes!

One of the most interesting things that has happened to me in a while just happened two days ago. I had a woman call me up and order 12 pairs of shoes. Okay, so that has actually happened before, but this time was different. This woman 12 pairs of the same shoes! Do I have you going? Well, again – there is a reason. You see, there is a women’s basketball team traveling through and they all wanted to get some evening shoes designed for them for a pretty big awards ceremony that they were going to. So why didn’t they just go to the store and pick some out instead of custom ordering some from me? Good question but here’s an even better answer. They were ALL needing shoes from a size 10 and up! That’s pretty humongous feet for a woman. Of course though, they were all basketball players and they were ALL super tall with super big feet.

In between creating and designing the shoes for these girls I got to thinking about genetics and how a woman can get so tall. Interestingly, I found a website that talked about why some men are taller than others and how this could actually be very similar to women as well. Of course, you would think that it’s all about genetics but it really is not ALL about genetics. Sure, probably 90% or so is (totally just threw that number out there) but not all of it is. So of course, that too got me thinking about how I could design a full line of clothes for these gals and how that their height would change the way I approached the design. I realized that the clothes would end up being much more expensive if I used the same high quality fabric that I am accustomed to.

So what did I do? I called up the gal who placed the order and I asked if I could. Unfortuntely though, she said that they had found some clothes on Long Tall Sally when they went shopping online before leaving. Makes sense but hey, it was worth a try, right?

So you’re probably wondering how the shoes turned out? I am proud to say that they turned out amazing, if I do say so myself. I started with an open toe concept but eventually ditched that idea and went with a closed toe. Since the whether has been a bit warm lately I tried to make them as breathable as I could but hey – I sure wasn’t about to sacrifice style for computability! ;) Sounds awful, I know but trust me, the shoes were plenty comfortable to be warn all night and they still came across as elegant and fashionable with a nice subtle blend of modern and retro. Quite diverse, huh!

So what’s the moral of the story? Basically there isn’t one. I just wanted to share my experience with designing TWELVE pairs of dress shoes for women with some abnormally large (but still cute) feet. I’m looking forward to getting feedback on how the outfits went with the shoes and how the ladies like them but I would expect it to be positive for sure.

How to Fashionably Incorporate Scarves into Your Personal Style

You must be a guy. Women already know all about scarves, because they get fashion advice from their friends and fashion gurus who blog about their expertise relentlessly online. This is why men make up a very tiny percentage of the scarf-buying consumer base. Remember that scarves aren’t just for women. When it’s cold outside, you need a scarf. You need to cover your neck snugly to protect your vocal chords from the cold. Scarves also keep your body warm.

And what’s more, you can actually look good in a scarf, which is a fact that women also know as well.

So, if you’re a guy here are some facts you need to remember:

• Scarves are designed for men too. This is a historical fact. Look at old World War II photos in the European theater, and you’ll see lots of evidence of this. That was a time when men were definitely men, and the paratroopers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge were all real men. And they were wearing scarves. So did the aerial knights who fought in the Battle of Britain. In fact, warriors have been wearing scarves for thousands of years. Look at the Terracotta warriors of China.

• Scarves protect you from the elements. Desert warriors wear scarves to protect their necks from the unrelenting heat from the sun. A thick scarf around your neck can protect your vocal chords from the terrible chill of a winter morning.

• Scarves can add some pizzazz. Going out in a monochrome outfit? Why not wear some scarves to add some dash of color to your appearance? When you don’t sacrifice function in lieu of fashion, no one—or at least no one who’s smart—will question your masculinity. It’s like questioning your desire to wear a coat when it’s cold. Of course you need to dress warm, but the added flair of a nicely decorated scarf is a great bonus.

• Mind the material. Scarves are made from a wide variety of materials. For cold weather gear, you ought to stick to napped fabrics which feel soft on your skin. Your best bets are cashmere and wool. For warm weather, there are some synthetic materials specifically designed for the heat. But you can also use lightweight cotton and linen.

• Choose the right scarves for men. Scarves are like shoes; some are for men and some are for women. Men’s scarves are essentially simple and are designed with function in mind. Women’s scarves, however, are a different story. They can be too gaudy for men. Large scarves which you may mistake for a blanket are only for women. Overly prominent fringes denote women’s scarves too, and so do beads and sequins.

• Tying the scarf is easy. You can learn to tie the Ascot, or you can drape it over your neck once around. If the weather is really cold, you can even tie it around your neck twice. Talking about cold weather, it may affect your voice that will lead to having sore throat and losing your voice. There are some great videos that will teach you how to avoid it and even develop your voice to make you more stunning with your fashionable scarves.

If you have a son or a daughter, you can always get him or her a Harry Potter scarf. Get one to represent their favorite House (mine is Slytherin) and you may have a scarf fan for life.

How Current Fashion Trends Impact All Aspects of Life

It is always interesting to see how the world of fashion can easily leek into many areas of our lives. While watching the latest football at the World Cup in Brazil, it was interesting to notice for example, that men appeared to be going for a shorter hair style. In particular, the sides of the head were very clean shaven or heavily trimmed, and the top of the head appeared to be treated with a lot of gel. As a result of that I have noticed many younger men in my own local town already starting to adopt this particular style.

Having also been in Milan Italy recently, it was very noticeable just how fashionable scarves were becoming. In years gone past these essentially were a cold weather garment, but not so these days. In today’s world these are worn by old and young alike, and mainly in the form of wrapped “Pashmina” styles. To these have been added brooches, pins and simple knots to make them stand out even more. What I found particularly noticeable was that men were also starting to adopt that particular style. The big difference though was that in the past, that would have meant fairly sombre, or at best plain styles. Not so though, in fact quite the opposite and I would describe what I did see as being rather flamboyant, and certainly making a statement to the world.

It would also appear that new Moms have no wish to be left behind when it comes to the fashion stakes. Again for many years diaper bags were nothing more than somewhere to hold all the things needed for a baby. Today however they have taken on a whole new life, and various designers like Soho, JJ Cole and others have certainly taken these bags to a whole new level. The ones that I saw did look very well, with strong vibrant colours and a whole array of different styles and patterns. I think however that the one thing that I noticed the most was just the entire variety of what was available.

There were backpack styles, bags exclusively designed for Dads, messenger styles and different types of sets with matching changing pads, bottle holders etc. Now I know that this is just a simple fashion accessory, but I think it just demonstrates the way that fashion can infiltrate many aspects of our lives. It is pretty clear to me that from the footballers in Brazil to the busy streets of Milan, fashion trends start to develop and grow.

There were of course still very distinct styles to be seen in Milan from the usual designers such as Michael Kors, and one designer who seemed to have been a big hit at the Spring Fashion week was Roberto Cavalli. According to Vogue magazine he was one of the leading designers of that particular week. The fashion scene is however still dominated there by the main Italian designers and it is difficult to walk that far, before encountering something from Prada, Gucci and even Emporio Armani launched an urban wardrobe, based on a sailor theme.

There was as always quite a mix of clothes at the show including T-shirt dresses, enhanced with crystals and the controversial collection from Dolce and Gabbana.

Video: Courtesy of the Guardian Newspaper

So as you can see the variety keeps coming, with everything from Glitz to fake furs all catching the eye.

How to Stay Stylish for Less

You don’t need to splash the cash to be stylish. Fashion is more than just a bunch of designer names thrown together to create an outfit. Real style combines simple pieces together to create one dazzling outfit – and I’m going to tell you exactly how you can do just that!

Go Vintage

There’s nothing wrong with browsing the latest edition of Vogue or admiring the likes of Stella McCartney, Michael Kors or Chanel, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy their offerings. Fashion and inspiration work hand in hand, and there’s no reason why you can’t take ideas from some of the industry’s biggest names when it comes to shaping your own style – but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer significant debt problems just to look good.

There are so many vintage shops out there, offering bargains that are just waiting to be snapped up. So what if someone once adorned that little black dress, who says you can’t wear it better at half or less of its original price? There’s nothing wrong with browsing the second-hand racks – you just have to be patient in order to find a hidden gem. Trust me, it’ll be worth it once you discover it!

Swap Clothes

Have you worn that perfectly-good t-shirt one too many times? Sick and tired of rocking the same old pair of shoes? Why not swap with your friends to create new looks using each other’s old clothes. The items will be new to each other, and you won’t have to shell out on a whole new wardrobe for the pleasure.

Staple Garments

A few staple items in your wardrobe will ensure you’ll never run short of looks for a long time. A pair of skinny jeans, a party dress and a formal jacket are must-haves in your clothing collection – as you can dress an outfit up and down for the day or night. Your staple pieces should perfectly complement any new additions to your wardrobe, so ensure you opt for neutral colours that work well with most shades.


Maybe you don’t need a new wardrobe at all. Maybe all you need is some stunning jewellery. Most of my work as a fashion designer isn’t about finding the right dress, but it’s about finding the perfectly jewellery that really adds character to a look. This could be as simple as a colourful statement necklace, to a simple silver bracelet or bold scarf. Accessories are the outfit; the rest is just clothing.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for accessories either, as most stores offer cheap costume jewellery that will really make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Confidence is, however, the best fashion accessory. If you feel good in an outfit then it will shine through to everyone else. Trust your instincts, be brave and always wear a smile on your face.

Top 8 Beach Fashion Essentials

Have you ever seen people at the beach who are, perhaps, unprepared and behind the times involving what they are wearing? Well I have, so I have put together a list of fashionable items to wear/bring to the beach. All you need is a few essential items to go in your beach bag and you’re all set! I have narrowed down a somewhat long list of those essentials to just the top 8. These include items that you would both wear AND bring with you in your tote.

Note: If you’re planning on strutting your stuff on the beach this summer you should start working out and watching your diet. This is a great way to look your best not just on the beach but in every other aspect of your life. To help get some great results from those workouts you may want to look into some of the greatest tasting protein powder and some great pre workout supplements that are out on the market today.

Top 8 Beach Fashion Essentials

  1. Vintage High Waisted Bikini – This trend is so in this year! It really brings back the retro 50′s style swimsuits. Since the bottoms cover more of your tummy, those of us with less than 8 pack stomachs should be excited!
  2. Beach Hat – For extra protection for the sun and the elements, a beach hat is the way to go. Plus, they look good on almost everyone! My favorite type of beach hat would be the floppy hat, as it can keep your face almost completely shaded.
  3. Cover-Up – There are a variety of swimsuit cover-ups you can choose, so pick one that is versatile, like black or white, that will go with multiple swimsuits. Just make sure the material breathes to keep you from sweating!
  4. Headband – If you don’t like to wear hats or just need a way to keep you hair under control, a wide, spandex headband is an option for you. These are gaining in popularity, made a materials that keep the bands from falling off. Check out for some great options!
  5. White sandals – Trendy, white, thong sandals are super chic and go with anything! DO NOT bring black. Black sandals in the hot sun is a recipe to get a sizzling surprise when you put them on after being at the beach. Plus, if these sandals are cute and bedazzled, you can also wear them out for a night on the town!
  6. Oversized sunglasses – Jackie-O was on the right track when she famously wore those giant sunglasses back in the 60s. They protect your eyes for the UV rays and sunlight. And, since they are large, the sun won’t reach the skin around your eyes, cutting down on premature aging. Win-win!
  7. Large Beach Towel – Grab the biggest towel you can find and it can double as both a towel and a blanket. Sit on it, dry off with it, wrap it around you, whatever you want! Check out designer towels for a luxurious feeling towel.
  8. Scarf – Not really something everyone would wear, but a trendy, lightweight scarf is great to have in case the beach gets colder or really windy. You can also just wear it with your cover-up to look uber fashionable!

You don’t need a whole lot at the beach to look like a mod maven! Now grab that beach tote, throw in these top 8 essentials, and head to the beach! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

The biggest fashion icons over the decades

1. Marilyn Monroe
Over 60 years after her death, the legend that is Marilyn Monroe still lives on, in the way that we dress, speak and even do our lipstick! The American actress, singer and model was famous for her sexy curves and unique fashion sense, some of which continues today. So what were Marilyn’s most iconic and fabulous fashion choices?

She always knew how to accessorise whatever she was wearing extremely well. In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes she finds a tiara which she mistakes for a necklace. Much like in real life, she made what she was wearing her own. She had her own style, some of her dresses are world famous, white halter neck floating dress, need I say more? Marilyn always managed to pull off showing her amazing cleavage whilst still looking elegant and classy, she didn’t show too much.

2. Michelle Obama
The first lady has become famous for her wardrobe and fashion sense over the last few years. She has a great figure and despite her age is not afraid to show her arms in the outfits that she wears. Also matching and well accessorised she is the perfect missing puzzle piece when photographed next to her hubby President Obama. No wonder she won Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed award!

3. The Beatles
These guys are more muses than fashion icons, however they have to be on the list. The Fab Four are obviously more well known for their musical talents than anything else but these scouse boys changed the face of fashion within the world of music. Their famous collarless jackets are something that can be seen on many men today. Their quirky hairstyles and fondness for Cuban heels only added to the hype that was and is still known as Beatlemania.

4. Naomi Campbell
I know she’s is known as one of the biggest divas in the fashion industry, but isn’t everyone a diva in the fashion industry?! She broke the racial barrier when she became the first black model to be on the covers of both the British and French Vogue and dominated runways throughout the 90s. She inspired many black girls around the word to go out there and get what they want, allowing so many to break into the industry.
Naomi has never shied away from the tabloids and had been part of many front pages with the amount of fights and brawls she had got herself into. She famously threw her phone at her maid in 2007 and had to serve 5 days of community service, which she even treated as a fashion show.

5. Cindy Crawford
The stunning Cindy was the face of the newsstand for many years, in fact she has been in over 1000 magazines! She was made famous by her Vogue magazine cover in January 2000, which featured her alongside some famous models like Naomi Campbell, Chrissy Turlington and Linda Evangelista. Her big hair is something that has stuck with us and is something that can be seen on many girls in the 00′s, with the 90′s fashion of flat ironed hair a complete thing of the past.

How to Choose Practical Running Gear?

There is no denying that you have to participate in some kind of sport in order to have a healthy life. Playing sports is good for you, it releases endorphins, lowers your levels of cortisol and keeps you looking fit, which leads to a positive self-image. However there is a downside to sports, they can get messy. You sweat, you look quite miserable and generally speaking it is hard to find clothing that is not only practical, but that is also good looking. Not all hope is lost, there are a few guidelines that you can follow in order to look fashionable and attractive at the same time you are sweating away on a running track. In this article I  intend to give you a few of those guidelines.

As I have mentioned before,  there are practicality issues to take into account. As far as sports gear goes, practicality is always in combat with fashion, and it is a cardinal question to find the sweet spot between the two. Of course you want your gear to be able to do its job, so I would say that having gear that is practical is more important than having fashionable gear. Practical gear means that it is comfortable, it keeps you safe, and it keeps you visible at all times. comfortable means that it doesn’t harm your skin, it isn’t too tight, it doesn’t injure you and it prevents blisters. It is also important that your gear is safe. Safety means that it has all the features that are needed to prevent injuries. Such features are keeping your  ankles safe, keeping your knee-joint healthy, which is especially important when it comes to running shoes and running socks. You can find running socks with extra thick bottoms that give extra protection to your feet at Jog of Your Life. Visibility means that you won’t be hit by a vehicle during hard visibility conditions. In order to be visible it is important to choose proper running jackets. The visible jackets are either made of reflective materials, or at least the seams are covered with such materials. This page on Jog of Your Life features reviews of several different kinds of jackets and helps you find the one that suits your needs the most.

You need to decide which colors look good on you. This can be affected by your hair color, the color of your eyes and your body shape. Most running gear come in several different colors, so the choice is yours. If you have a particular color that you really like to wear, you already have your answer. Just go with that color, and wear it. For example I love black, I wear black T-shirts whenever I can, so i am quite lucky that basically every piece of running gear comes in black.

Choosing the right running tights are just as important. Some people don’t wear tights, but they have an important role to play if you do some kind of sport regularly. The tights compress your leg muscles, and increase the blood flow in the muscles. Your muscles get more blood, which transfers more oxygen into the muscles. The blood carries away the lactic acid from your muscles, which prevents sore muscles a day after the hard workout. The thing to keep in mind about tights is that they hold around your muscles strongly, so they damage your skin if you don’t choose the ones made of the right materials. Choose the ones that have anti-blister systems. An anti-odor system is more of an additional feature, but it prevents the bad body odors that develop as a result of sweating, which can be a nice feature to have.


Getting sports gear that is both comfortable and fashionable can be hard. The best way to go about it is to choose colors that already look good on you. Read reviews of running gear online, and try them on first before you buy them.

Scottsdale Businesses Throw a Fashion Show for Charity

I recently got an invite to an extraordinary charity event that’s going to be taking place at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale. The Dare To Care Charity Fashion Show is organized by local business owners, and the talented news anchor Christina Peters is scheduled to host the event. Event organizers expect every seat in the house to fill up, and organizers are guaranteeing a fun-filled night that will feature a diverse set of models strutting their stuff while wearing all of the latest fashion trends.

The talented designers working behind the scenes plan on showcasing various fashions; expect to see anything from from business attire to casual summer wear being modeled. Everyone who attends the show can plan on having a blast, and they can feel great about the fact that they are helping raise money for an important cause. All proceeds from this event are going towards the cancer research foundation Outward Cures Today.

I had the pleasure of speaking with lead event planner Mary Anderson the other day, and she told me that the death of her father in September of last year inspired her to put on charity events that raised money for curing and treating cancer. After her father’s death, she made it her life’s mission to honor him, but she wanted to do it in a way that helped other people who found themselves in a scary and stressful predicament. Her events really struck a nerve around Scottsdale; when you look at the statistics, it’s very likely that you or someone who you know has had to battle with cancer, so her charity events resonate with people in the community.

Mary has a professional background in the fashion industry, so it’s no surprise that she can pull off a fantastic fashion show, but most attendees leave her show surprised by how well she can use her platform to raise awareness while celebrating both cancer survivors and victims. Mary picked a great team for this event; Bar & Restaurant Marketing will be promoting the event online, while the staff and dentists of Desert Vista Dental North will be working backstage.

When you go to a Dare To Care fashion event, you aren’t there strictly to donate money; you go to one of these events to remember long-lost loved ones, and you go to celebrate life. It’s important to bring awareness to cancer, and a fashion show is a fun and entertaining way to tackle a tough subject.

The music for this event will be provided by a live DJ, and various fashion trends will be showcased from both local and international clothing companies. The event will feature a silent auction where attendees can win a variety of gifts and prizes from local businesses in the area, and they also have a chance to win a $2,000 gift card during the raffle that will be held after dinner.

Admission includes dinner, a gift bag, entrance to the fashion show and a cocktail party where you can mingle with other attendees. Tickets for the event are $50, but there’s only a limited amount available, so make sure to get your tickets soon before they sell out.