Guaranteed Yes: Choosing the perfect engagement ring

Diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend. Used to. The days of asking a woman to marry you with some huge expensive soulless rock are definitely over dear readers. At this day and age, I think it´s just completely demode to base your engagement ring choice on an old status symbol. Hell, you shouldn’t even wait to be asked. Go ask if he wants to get married, just choose the rings yourself :)

A ring nursing a martini.

A ring nursing a martini.

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Slimming shoes are here to stay

shoesI think we all hold an opinion of them and those are incredibly varied among the people I have talked to. Since entering the market there has been no escape, aggressive advertisements thrust celebrity bums and toning shoe brands right down our throats. Or you know, maybe I‘m being a tad dramatic – its not like other consumer goods are promoted via low key advertising.

I have a confession to make or should I say statement to make: I do not own a pair, I have not tried on a pair and I have no immediate plans of changing / rectifying that situation. But as I keep seeing new brands emerge and more people wearing them in the streets, I can only assume that this all happens for a reason. So the following is just an introduction to brands that I‘ve come across who have products in this newly invented category. Some you’ll know, some maybe not. [Read more...]

Ways I’m Using my Laptop for Design

My laptop has worked wonders for me once I decided to use it as an accessory instead of as just a random hunk of metal that I sometimes carry around with me. The laptop can be very well accessorized if you know what you’re doing. I’d like to share some of my tips with you!

  1. You need to splurge on a cute carrying case. They make so many it’s hard to choose from. I actually have several. I have a few in neutral colors for when I decide to wear black, white, or grey. I also have a few in really fun colors. I have yellow, red, and a loud green! This is for when I want to compliment an outfit by using my laptop as an accessory. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve had when I go to business meetings with a matching laptop. It’s definitely worth it. You can also make your own.
  2. Yes, you can make your own. Sure, just buy a case with a neutral color. Then you can get rhinestones, sequence, and other knick knacks to glue to the case making your very own design! It’s fun. I actually just had some of the girls over, and we all decided to design our laptop cases. It was a blast, and it allowed me to add personality to my cases. These now go perfect with my outfits.
  3. Try getting a bag as well. This bag should be able to compliment your laptop and your laptop case beautifully. Try a bag that will work with almost all of your laptops. This could be a neutral color, but you can also customize it like the cases. My bag is a really fun yellow with a sequence design. I absolutely love it! It almost acts as a second purse to me, and I constantly get compliments. And it’s just a laptop bag!
  4. Lastly, pick a laptop that works for you. Be honest with yourself; if you’re dainty, it’s probably not the best idea to pick out a massive 17inch laptop that is half the size of you. If you’re a smaller person, pick a smaller laptop. Try shooting for a 13inch laptop. That should complement your figure nicely. It will also be much more comfortable for you. If you’re a taller person, try picking out a larger laptop. You can handle it! A 17inch laptop would be great for you. If your outfit agrees with it, throw it in a backpack. Regardless if your size, a 15inch laptop will work perfectly. That’s definitely the medium sized laptop.

We appreciate you reading as always! We’d love some submissions with your latest and greatest ideas for cute laptop cases and bags. Also, let us know what you’ve tried and if it works. We always love your feedback! Thanks for reading, and stay beautiful!

Tips To Consider When Buying All Day Footwear

So you are one of the women working at a job that requires long hours of standing, shoes must be the most important factor to consider. The right shoes will decrease your chances of getting various injuries, as well as feeling super tired during working hours. In addition, you will be more efficient at work while preserving your health at the same time. Foot injuries can be very risky, leading to plantar fasciitis and bunions which can be very painful. The best shoes for all day standing will need to support your feet providing an ample cushioning area.

You need to consider a few factors before purchasing the appropriate shoes;
1. Foot type: Find your desirable foot type by visiting a new balance store near you to have them evaluate your gait. Feet type can range from normal feet, to flat ones and to high arches. The balance store will recommend the appropriate shoe type for you after they perform some tests such as normal pronation, over pronation and supination. These tests will be able to take your weight in order to determine the best shoes for you.

2. Weight: Shoes vary with a woman’s weight. A woman with a small amount of weight cannot wear the same shoes as one who weighs a lot. Women who are overweight will especially require to purchase shoes with linear platforms.

3. Heel size: Comfortable shoes should not have a heel size of more than 2 inches. You should also consider getting ones that are not pointed as you will definitely hurt your feet, which can lead to bunions.

4. Cushioning: You need to purchase shoes that will cushion your feet. You should consider getting an anti-fatigue mat that will provide a comfortable standing area for your feet, if possible.

5. Type of shoe: You will need to get comfortable shoes that are well fitting and support your feet appropriately. There are a couple of shoe brands that are considered to provide the best shoes for standing all day. One of these brands is the Dansko shoes that are approved by the American Pediatric Medical Association fit for hospital personnel. They have an arch support for people with high arching feet, rocker soles that help reduce stress and strenuous ankle movement, as well as a good cushion for the feet. Their ability to absorb shock helps with flexibility when walking around and the inner sock lining will make sure your feet remain dry.

Timberland is another comfortable shoe type recommended for a woman working long hours. Their tread offers a resistance to slipping and the leather on the upper part of the shoe will eliminate the chances of water getting inside your shoes making your feet wet. Moreover, they provide an increased arch support for your feet minimizing aches and pains caused from standing while working for long hours.

Crocs are other comfortable shoes that provide a good slip resistance. They are easy to clean and will provide your feet with an area for ventilation. They are especially perfect for people suffering from plantar fasciitis or bunions. Also, they are approved by the American Pediatric Medical Association, making them among the most comfortable shoes due to the extra arch support.

Designing a Dress for a Newly Pregnant Woman

The expenses of a woman increase by leaps and bounds, once she gets pregnant. But every expecting woman deserves to spend like crazy. One of the top things that will dominate the budget of every newly pregnant woman are clothes. You need lots of new ones. But sometimes it may become impractical to keep on purchasing new clothes every now and again, so many newly pregnant women design their own dresses. However, the design of such clothes require a different approach. You need to consider a lot of factors that probably wouldn’t top your list of concerns when buying normal dresses.

Here are some tips for designing a dress for a newly pregnant woman.

Size Matters

Pregnant means growing, irrespective of the months. So be prepared to gain some weight! Pick fashion patterns that will comfortably accommodate your baby bump as it grows. However, don’t go for plus size clothes that will make you look heavy. Pick the right size. Snug fits can emphasize your otherwise slender body and make you feel embraced around the belly. This is a nice feeling as a number of pregnant women like to caress their bellies.

Comfort is Foremost

Comfort should be your top-most priority when designing maternity dresses. You need to be comfortably dressed and feel good about your appearance. Don’t try to design fashionable clothes that compromise on your comfort.


You need to choose fabrics for making your maternity dresses carefully. A good fabric should be easy to wash, snug-fit, quick-dry, stain-proof and stretchy. It is advisable to choose snug fit fabrics as they can accommodate your belly as it grows. I would not recommend cotton fabrics as they need a lot of maintenance and care.

Fashionably Pregnant

Pregnancy should not be a boring experience but a nice feeling that you can flaunt in style. Consider using low-waist belts or under-the-bust belts on dresses. Consider designing V-neck dresses which can help you flaunt your nice cleavage. Wearing the old coats and jackets in your wardrobe with the front left open will help you cover your belly, if it makes you uncomfortable. You can pair a body-hugging t-shirt or sweater with a jacket. Choose some type of wraparounds because they look gorgeous. Kimono cuts look pretty too.


I would advice you to purchase bottoms rather than design them at home. All the major clothes brands have a collection of practical, fashionable, comfortable and chic dresses for newly pregnant women. They are broad waist-bands that support your bump, without letting it sag. If you love skirts, you can design your own maternity skirts. You need to choose the right waist-band pattern for you. You can choose loose cotton pants or Bermudas for nightwear.

Becoming a mom is a special phase in a woman’s life. The kind of dress you choose can make you feel more comfortable and confident about your belly. So you need to avoid dresses that will make you feel awkward or conspicuous considering the fact that pregnancy is associated with many emotional and physical changes. When designing a dress for a newly pregnant woman, don’t compromise on fashion and style.

What to Do When Puppy Fleas Invade Your Favorite Clothes

While others fear hitting middle age, I embraced it. I not only love my job as a fashion designer but I have an incredible dog I love to death. Life is good and couldn’t be better. Until mayhem knocked on my door in the form of a flea infestation . And take note, it’s not just on my dog but worse, those pesky fleas had the audacity to invade my beloved clothes too. When you’re single whose world is your dog, your job and your clothes, it seems nothing worse probably could have happened to me.

My pup has been with me for years so I know the drill. I always- and I mean always- implement preventative treatment for fleas when flea season is nearing. From buying flea shampoos, flea powders and an assortment of other flea-related products for my dog to vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the dog bedding as well as the yard, I’ve done pretty much everything I remember to prevent flea outbreak. Unfortunately, my usual efforts weren’t enough this time. It wasn’t an all-out infestation but it was bad enough seeing a few of my favorite pieces get attacked by fleas.

While I was royally pissed about the situation at first, I refused to stay that way too long. Since the unthinkable already happened, all I need to do now is fix it. Hopefully what I did will work like a charm for your case too, if you’re having trouble with fleas.

To attack the flea problem systematically, I started treating the source. First, I gave my dog a thorough bath using the flea shampoo on hand then moved on with combing his fur for adult fleas. I also used some flea powders on my dog to get rid of both the remaining adult puppy fleas and eggs. After cleaning up the doggy, I washed his bedding in hot water with detergent then quarantined him somewhere flea-free.

The next thing I did was wash the clothes I suspected were infected with fleas. Just like with my dog bedding, I washed it in hot water and mild detergent. I know hot water kills fleas but I didn’t stop the treatment until every nook and cranny in the house has been taken care of. I vacuumed the carpet, couch and rags then I sprinkled my dog’s favorite areas in the house with flea powder which was recommended by my vet. Not forgetting about the yard, I also went ahead and bought some nontoxic citrus spray to spray areas and corners that could have fleas.

I repeated the process for the next 7 to 10 days. From my dog to beddings, carpets, rags, couch and the yard as well as my infected clothes, I diligently treated everything. It was certainly a lot of work and annoyingly frustrating at times but I did not give up and you shouldn’t too. Fortunately, my efforts paid off. If it didn’t, I was gearing up to consult my vet for a potent flea medication for my dog. Luckily, my system worked like a charm and I didn’t have to throw away any clothes either. Even though it was an ordeal I wouldn’t want to go through again, I learned my lesson. When it comes to fleas, we need to be more aggressive with our preventative measures.

Three of the Best Fashionable Shoes for Nurses to Buy

We all know a nursing job is characterized by one thing; always being on your toes! There are days the shifts just don’t end and you are always running from one emergency room to another. On other occasions, while on call, you are required to stand beside the surgical table until the entire procedure is completed. Since you will be standing almost every hour on duty, the type of shoes you wear will determine how comfortable you are at work. So what do you look for when buying the best nursing shoes?

First things first, you should know your feet before buying any nursing footwear. This means that, as you shop around physical stores or online shops, you should first understand the biomechanics of your foot. We all have different feet with some having arches while others stand flat on the ground. It may sound like hard work to understand your feet pronation but there are simple tests you can perform at home, such as dipping your foot in water then stepping on a sheet of paper to examine the pattern your sole makes. Alternatively you can examine any old shoes you have and see where on the sole it wears out the most.

Nurse Clogs
Being a nurse is a long-hours job, but you can still look stylish and professional while on it. Most medical personnel prefer clogs because they are easy to fit into and walk around. Danskos clogs are not only fashionably hip but they also are made from authentic rubber which is a good material for protecting against harsh chemicals, hazardous material or bodily fluids in the hospital. Another option of the clogs you would love are the Sanita Selina clogs also made from rubber and designed to be comfortable while running up and down the medical halls. Clogs are also quite durable in nature as well.

Nurse Slip-ons
Slip-ons are ideal for the high level of comfort they offer as well as safety from any kind of spills. One of the best options you can go with, from this category, are the Timberland Pro Nurse Slip-ons. The in-sole is adjust perfectly to any feet type and come with extra padding to withstand the pressure of standing up for long hours. Slip-ons are great as well because you can easily take them out when you want to rest your feet and quickly slip back into them in case of an emergency. An alternative slip-on make is the Sketcher nursing sneaker which lightweight in nature and accommodates your weight perfectly as you run around, on-call.

Nurse Mates Shoes
Both clogs and Slip-ons have great lightweight aspects to them, but the Nurse Mate shoes take the prize home for being both light and arch-minded. If you are concerned more about your foot arch, this is the shoe to get. You can order them as they are or have them custom designed with orthotic inserts to increase your comfort and make sure you perform better at work.

When buying the best shoes for nurses, make sure you consider the level of comfort, ability to accommodate body weight, lightness, safety and ease of wearing while on call. And you can also be stylish with the mentioned brands while at it!

Benefits of Starting a Business Designing Clothes For Plus Sized Women

Designing clothes for plus size women is a job that you can decide to do and really enjoy your time as a woman. In case you have other type of job where you are involved in most of the times, after you decide to work in the design work you will be able to enjoy making extra money. Before you decide to start the job you should also consider different factors, for instance, you should consider the availability of customers before you start the job. Other factors that you need to consider will include the capital that you will be required to have for you to start the job .The following are benefits that you will enjoy after you decide to go for Designing Clothes for Plus Size Women as your business:

A Great Market For Your Services

There are many women available who wear plus size clothes, after you decide to start a business that deals with designing the clothes you will be assured of accessing customers from the women. This will enable you run your business without any worries. Each time you come up with an attractive design you will find customers (ladies) that will prefer your services and will feel confident wearing your clothes whether their meal planning is going as scheduled or not. In case you are really talented in coming up with great designs you will also enjoy a lot where you will be assured of great market share in your neighborhood because the quality of your services will attract many people.

Needs Less Capital to Start

Before you start any business you should try and access enough capital that will enable you run the business. Fortunately, in case you are interested in starting a design business you will be able to operate with minimal capital. This is a great benefit that you will enjoy in case you face challenges when it comes to collecting enough capital for you to start a business. Although the business will allow you to start with less capital, it will enable you make enough profits that will enable you enjoy your living.

Not Overly Technical

There are some forms of business that you can start and you end up being stressed where you can hardly access help from other people because it will require a lot of training before you can introduce someone to your business. With a business that deal with designing clothes you will just come up with the designs and with simply instructions you will introduce different people to the business who will enable you enjoy a lot when running your business because you will not be stressed on hiring people who will charge you at extremely high rates. The equipment used in carrying out the dens works are also easy to use which will enable you enjoy running the business with great ease. It is unlike a case where you will start a business that will require you to undergo specialized training before you can use different equipment.

Matching Makeup to Your Clothes

I always think of makeup as the finishing touches to an outfit. If I really want to dress to impress, then coordinating my makeup to my clothes is essential. To many of you out there, I’m sure such a statement sounds horrifying and brings up images of your grandmother with her matching pastel blue dress and eye shadow. However it doesn’t have to be that way, matching doesn’t mean choosing the exact same shade and plastering it everywhere, it means choosing complimenting shades that when seen together really make the individual and the outfit stand out. So here for those of you who want to really bring an outfit to life are some general rules for perfectly matching your makeup to your clothes.

Avoid Using the Same Shade Everywhere:
This one really goes without saying, if you don’t want to look like a nineteen fifties housewife, then you should avoid using the exact same shade all over the place. The key here is balance and contrast, by choosing shades that are either darker or lighter than your outfit but still within the same color range, you can make your personal appearance and your clothes really stand out.

As an example, imagine you are wearing a light grey dress, you can match your makeup to your dress by creating a metallic smoky eye that is darker than the dress .

Choose One Area and Accent it:
This is important, because you don’t want to drown yourself in your makeup. Make a decision early on what area of your face you are going to highlight and keep the rest of your face neutral. So for example if you are going to a cocktail party and decide to wear a red dress, you can accent your lips by choosing a red lipstick and keeping your eyes neutral. Whatever you do, never wear heavy colorful eye makeup and lipstick at the same time, always choose one area and keep the rest simple. And always remember never to do an exact match, choose a color that is either lighter or darker than your clothes.

For Eyeshadow Try Mixing Bold with Metallic:
If you want your eyes to really stand out and bring life to an outfit, then try choosing a metallic shade to mix with one that matches your clothes . So for example if you’re outfit is in the green range, you can choose a lighter or darker shade of green for your eyes and mix it up with a metallic gold or copper. For this type of combination less really is more, the key here is to blend well so that the outfit corresponds and stands out against the eyes.

Choose the Right Foundation:
Think of foundation as an artists canvass, it needs to be perfect before you apply anything else on top. For this reason it is really important that you choose the right type of foundation for the occasion and the clothes. You should really have a range of foundations in your makeup cabinet, ranging from light coverage in the form of a tinted moisturizer or a bb cream, to a more full coverage foundation that is perfect for that night on the town . Foundation is tricky, and some education is necessary in order for you to pick ones that are perfect for you and your skin type . But with careful selection, you can create a beautiful artists canvass, upon which you can paint on your colors.

So there you have it, some simple, general rules, that can help you choose the perfect combination for a stellar fashionable look. There are of course many other ways to do this, but for beginners, this list is a great place to start experimenting.

Getting a Perfect Tan – Summer’s Essential Beauty Accessory

It is a truth universally acknowledged that during the summer months we peel off layers of clothing. What is less acknowledged however is the condition of what is underneath all of those layers. Today many people spend the latter parts of the cold months physically preparing themselves for the warm. This includes, shedding the Christmas Turkey weight, purchasing light and breezy summer clothing and adjusting our hair and makeup routines to suit more humid weather. What is less talked about however is the tan. Most people take it for granted that in the summer we are tan, however for those of us blessed (or cursed depending on your perception) with extremely fair skin, this automatic assumption of a tan can actually create problems. For one thing, everyone is aware of the dangers of sun exposure, but nevertheless we are encouraged to get out there and darken up all the same. For another thing, those people that live in colder climates don’t really have enough time in the summer to soak up the rays and get dark before the season is over anyway. But problems aside, a tan can be a huge self esteem boost, as being without one and also being extremely pale can make people stare and sometimes even comment about it. I will never forget the experience I had once when my boss’s friend actually came up to me and asked me several times why I was so white. Pointing out that I was Caucasian was mortifying to me. So then what do us pale girls (and boys) do when we want to darken up for the summer? One horrible solution that is still overused by many people especially in the north, is the tanning salon. Everyone knows the dangers of this, so it doesn’t do any good to go over them here. But what if you don’t want to look like used leather in twenty years. Well then the only real solution left to you is the fake tanner.

Fake tanners however have a mixed reputation, many people swear by them, but an equally many people claim they make them orange and streak their skin. I’m here to convince you that they are great, provided you pick a good quality brand and apply it correctly. Fake tanners bad reputation comes from the large array of products and brands in all price ranges available on the market today, with such variety, many will suck. So what do you choose? For myself I swear by St. Tropez, the first time I tried it I was blown away, not a hint of orange tint in sight, no streaking, no bad odour and very quick drying, I was sold. Yes it is expensive, but in reality it isn’t, the bottle lasts a very long time, about 3 to 4 months depending on use. Compare that to the cheaper brands where you’d have to be buying a bottle every two weeks and this actually works out to costing less. But don’t take my word for it, read reviews from various brands and make sure to follow instructions carefully before application. There are many great brands of fake tanner available on the market today, the only unfortunate bit is that you really do get what you pay for. However for the benefits of a great tan that can perfectly accessorize any outfit, this is the perfect solution for me.

One teeny little issue that can come up once you begin to darken your skin is that your foundation will frequently be too light for your face. But if you’re unsure of what your actual skin shade will be when you go to the store, my advice for finding the best coverage foundation is to choose one that is lighter and more easily adapts to various skin tones. So for example in the summer months bb creams are great, and they come made for all different skin types. So if you find yourself with an excess of oil on your face during the warm months, one great solution is to pickup a bb cream for oily skin , that will even out your pores, allow your tan to shine through and keep the oil in check.

So whatever solution you choose to keep your skin fabulously tanned this summer, I hope you stay safe and have fun.

How to Choose Trendy Running Jackets

Many people love running, but one of the complaints I hear over and over again is that it is very hard to look trendy and fashionable while you are jogging. Let’s face it, you are sweating away, you are tired, and some people don’t have the most appealing body position during a workout. All these factors mean that you are likely to look less than attractive when you are exercising.

However there is hope. By choosing fashionable equipment, you can look your best even when you are dripping in your own sweat. First of all, you need to choose a pair of running shoes. These are so important that I wouldn’t advocate choosing based on looks only. Go into a store, try on many models, and choose the one that you feel comfortable in. Of course don’t buy a pair that looks ugly, but consider comfort first, and looks only second. Thankfully other pieces of running gear are not that important, you can buy them online for example.

The biggest part of your running outfit will be your running jacket. It covers your whole upper torso, so it will be the thing that people notice on you first when they see you. The first thing you have to get right is the fit. There are two types of models, regular fit and slim fit, you can see find both types of running jackets on running websites. Regular fit models are made for people with average and bigger body types. Buy these models if you are not very muscular, or if you are running in order to loose weight. Slim fit models are for thin people, or very muscular people. If you have a six pack, this is the way to go.

Another important feature of a running jacket is its visibility. Most products have reflective coating all over the jacket, or at least the seams are covered with reflective material. This coating reflects the lights of cars back to the driver so that they will notice you. Such jackets reduce the risks of injuries significantly. I personally think that you shouldn’t buy a non-reflective jacket. They don’t cost more than regular models, but they can save your life.

The last, and maybe the most important feature of a jacket as far as fashion is concerned is the color. There are many different colors of products on the internet. There are yellow, black, white, neon, orange, green and many other colors of running jackets. The two basic schools of thought are the people who like jackets with flashy, neon colors, and those who don’t. I like more laid back colors, like black, white and grey. I think neon running jackets make you look like a jogging uranium rod, not look I am particularly crazy for. However I know that this comes down to taste, and as a result it is totally subjective.

There are some overall guidelines you should consider when choosing a jacket. First of all, choose one that has a different color than your tights, but a similar color as your shoes. This will achieve a fashionable look that has both variety, and a solid structure.

A good tip when buying jackets is to purchase them during the off season. The prices jump high during the winter when demand is high for jackets. If you buy during the summer, when demand is low, you have a good chance of buying your dream jacket for a low price.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. Whichever jacket you might choose, remember that the most important thing is that you purchase one that looks good to you.

Focusing on Fitness and Fashion at the Same Time

For any woman who cares about her looks and her style, staying in great shape has to be a top priority as well. It’s one thing to have all of the latest and most fashionable bags, shoes or accessories, and it’s another thing to look sensational no matter what you’re wearing because you’ve worked so hard to be at your best.

When you’re in good shape, and more importantly, when you feel really great about yourself and your body, you’ll look amazing no matter what you’re wearing. You’ll also have more confidence, so that you can feel free to take a risk, try something new, and wear something you may not otherwise have dared. It’s all possible when you have a high physical self-esteem, and you’ll be empowered to go out in the world and take that leap into a new style or even a risqué trend.

Of course, feeling confident about yourself physically is also going to be different for every woman. Your body is yours alone, and there’s no guide to what you need to be. We have different body types, shapes and sizes, and so it’s not about reaching some beauty ideal — it’s about getting into better shape for yourself, and feeling comfortable with how your body looks and feels.

So many women end up spending hours and hours at the gym, really torturing themselves to try to look better. Certainly, it doesn’t have to be that way. Work smarter, instead of harder, and you’ll be able to get your exercise in without so much sacrifice.

Instead of jogging on the treadmill for hour upon boring hour, try incorporating interval training. This method will have you alternating between short bursts of sprinting and rest periods of less effort. For instance, start by jogging at 50% effort for one minute; sprint at 90% for 30 seconds; jog at 75% for 60 seconds; sprint at 100% for 30 seconds; and continue alternating between levels like this.

In just 10 or 15 total minutes, you will have gone through an amazing and high-powered workout, which gets you out of the gym and on with the rest of your day. You’ll burn a huge amount of calories and really position yourself for success.

Additionally, try some strength training instead of just cardio exercise. Think about that one dress you have which you wish you looked better in. What was the problem? For many women, we’re concerned about one or two specific problem areas which can actually be more effectively worked on with strength and resistance training instead of cardio. For example, add some boost to your buns and your legs with squats and lunges. Or get those arms trimmed and toned by exercising your biceps and triceps.

The same thing goes for your nutritional plan as well. Stop thinking about the word “dieting”, which is really all about restriction and suffering. Instead, think about making smarter choices which will help you to reach your goals. By focusing on moderation, and long-term success, you’ll be able to instill the right kinds of healthy habits which can work wonders for you, without feeling like you can’t enjoy your food and the rest of your day because you’re starving.

Hopefully you’ve learned more about how you can stay in great shape, and look and feel your best at all times. In this article for women you can learn about utilizing protein powder to help enhance your hard work at the gym in order to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The next time that beautiful, sexy little dress gets debuted, or that must-have mini-skirt hits the shelves, be confident that you can wear it, rock it, look phenomenal, and turn heads. Staying up to date with the latest fashion only gets you so far, but being confident and feeling great about your body makes all of the difference.

Suddenly something as simple as that old pair of yoga pants and t-shirt becomes a winning combination which everyone else wish they had. And then when you really dress up and go for it, you’ll have the body, the presence and the confidence to really look fantastic.

Behind the Scenes with Folding Knives

I’m going to be running a little competition over the next paragraph. Don’t get too excited as I’m afraid there won’t be any prizes, but that means that everyone’s a winner. The question that you’ll be needing to answer is: “What is the one thing I won’t go to a design showing without?”. Now the item fits in a purse, it’s slim, sleek and features a well thought out design. Lipstick? A nail file? Perfume? All wrong. The answer that I’m looking for a is a folding knife. You may be asking “What the hell is that doing in your purse?” and before you jump to any conclusions about a mid life crisis crime spree, let me explain.

For months on end I was searching for the perfect tool for cutting through fabric, prying apart seams and making quick and simple adjustments to my designs to better tailor them to my catwalk models. I experimented with a number of tools, finding that cuticle scissors didn’t have the sharpness that I was looking for, and a penknife didn’t really have the leverage to cut through the fabric easier. I had never really considered a folding knife before a girlfriend suggested it to me. She used one around the house when it came to making curtains and blinds, so I thought I’d give one a try.

She pointed me in the direction of The Folding Knife HQ, a handy comparison site for popular folding knives for all kinds of purposes. Torn between two knives, I found that they also offer excellently written, informative and comparative reviews on their listed products. The articles are delivered in a colloquial tone, and are easy to follow for the uneducated when it comes to knives. You can find a great example here.

So after making an informed purchase, I took to experimenting with the knife. Now I won’t bore you with the kinds of fabrics I used it on, but I was truly blown away with it’s functionality. Where it started as a means to an end, I now use the knife for countless tasks. I never pictured myself as a woman who would carry a blade, but it’s proved an invaluable companion, particularly back stage. When you need to make a quick adjustment and have no access to specialist tools, you can just flick it out with an easy mechanism, make the desired cuts in no time at all, getting your model out on the catwalk with a minimal turn around time.

I can safely say that from now on, at all shows, my trusty folding knife will be there with me. Having had it save my skin on a number of occasions, it’s gone from something I wouldn’t dream of owning to something I can’t live without. For all of you aspiring designers reading this, grab yourself one today. Costing as little as $40, they are just as cheap as they are functional. Why not follow in my stylishly clad footsteps and head on over to The Folding Knife HQ!

How to Keep to a Healthy Diet While Traveling

As I was planning my most recent excursion abroad I was running through the usual checklist of important things to do before leaving. Such as: stop the mail, leave a check for the lawn guy, turn off the hot water heater, and water all the plants. Incidentally, I always turn off my water heater if I am leaving for a trip after all my recent repairs I researched how to make my new heater last longer and this was a top recommended tip. However, after completing my check list of household things to do I realized that I hadn’t considered what I needed to do to keep myself healthy as I traveled.

While traveling can be an extremely enjoyable experience sometimes going on a trip can make it difficult for us to stick to our healthy eating regimen. The best thing to do is learn how to make smart choices than sticking to a healthy diet is not too difficult. In fact, if you are currently on a healthy eating plan modifying your diet to accommodate your travel is usually not as difficult as it might seem.

Many times travel must be done by airplane and unfortunately airplane food is usually quite unhealthy. Be sure you start off on the right foot by checking to see what food options are available when you book your flight. It will be a good opportunity to find out if you will at least have the ability to get fresh fruit or unsalted nuts rather than cookies or salted snacks. If your flight is long enough to be served a meal you should check to see what the options are and if they have any healthy options available. Sometimes specifically asking for a Vegan option or something prepared for a diabetic will get you the healthiest eating choice available on the airplane.

If you are currently on a regimen to remove excess weight you may have a natural appetite control supplement you are taking. It is important to continue taking your supplements while you travel to avoid sabotaging your goals. Try reading this article if you’re interested in learning more about natural energy supplements that can keep you focused on your health goals while you’re traveling.

These tips will get you through a travel experience that happens on the spur of the moment. However most of us have the luxury of being able to plan for our travel and the best plan for a eating healthy when traveling is bringing your own meals. Take the time to prepare in advance for an airplane trip by heading to a natural grocery store such as Whole Foods. Here you’ll be able to find many options for fresh fruits and vegetables even some that are prepackaged in small containers. You will probably be able to find a healthy sandwich on the whole grain breads that you can take with you for your lunch.

Also think about carrying hummus and fresh vegetables. You will also be able to get many options of healthy fruits and nuts and even sweet snacks such as dark chocolate. There will also be a large quantity of bottled juices and flavored waters that you can slip into your carry-on bag. If you’re traveling by car you will have the luxury of being able to pack a cooler that is full of healthy options for you and your traveling companions. Not only will you save money on a eating out you will also feel better knowing that you’re consuming healthy foods along the way.

Yes, eating healthy foods when you travel can be a challenge. However, your health is worth it. Eating meals high in nutrition will also help in avoiding stress related illness that you are likely to encounter when traveling and you will find yourself more alert so that you can enjoy your trip.